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It's just the start...

Let's start off small...

Start with a space that may have expired items in, such as a fridge or medicine cabinet, and throw away anything and everything with an expired date. This is one of the easiest ways to purge and lighten a load without feeling overwhelmed.

Now let's go to the bedroom...what about all of those socks with holes in them or perfume bottles that have been sitting under your cabinet in the master bath for years that you haven't touched. Get rid of them.

Always start with the simplest of tasks so that you don't get so overwhelmed that you stop what you're trying to accomplish.

Do you need 50 towels or facecloths in your linen closet? Purge those that are torn and stained and do not get new ones! Re-purpose for rags or outdoor use but 4 per person in a household is more than enough.

Cleaning supplies...If you have the room in your home buying bulk cleaning products is cost effective and you can keep the refillable containers nicely under the sink or in your linen closet as well. This will avoid in having multiple bottles of the same product filling up your space.

Everything in your home or office should have a place and be with their family of products or items, such as a closet or shelves in an office strictly for stationary. This helps eliminate buying duplicates of things that you already had but didn't know where it was.

These are just a couple of ideas to help you in understanding that the project that you can start with can be as little as the cupboard under the sink, but yet at the same time, accomplishing something that may have been bothering you for months. Sometimes these tasks may seem much bigger then they actually are unless they are compartmentalized.

Cheers, happy organizing & as always, reach out if you need a hand!

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