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Set 'em free? I think so.

Over the last year or so I've been having conversations with other women about the controversial topic of whether or not we should have to wear bras and then in the same conversation talking about how pissed off many of us are that we feel insecure to go bra-less! Whether it be because of others paying "extra special" attention to us, the comments that are said about us, or for the simple fact that we feel exposed, there aren't enough of us ready to take the leap.

I am a huge supporter of letting go of the bras altogether but generally when I voice my opinion I often get comments towards me like "of course you are, you've had implants" or "if I had your boobs like yours, I would to", or "mine are too big to be able to walk around with no bra", etc, etc...

I understand that the size of women's' breasts can definitely make a difference to some, but again, this also has to do with our level of confidence or insecurities. Yes, I've had breast implants, 11 years ago actually, and since then I've never had to buy a push-up bra unless of course, I wanted my boobs to sit at my chin, and I've never again had to wear another bra with that uncomfortable underwire that always seemed to eventually find its way out of the stitching, but it doesn't make me any less self-conscious about going braless.

When I got my implants, my breasts were destroyed, as you can only imagine after breastfeeding 3 babies in 15 months! I have zero regrets on getting them other than I had a hard time sleeping on my stomach for almost 5 years but other than that, great choice! I did not get them to flaunt them for everyone to see and I rarely go braless in public unless I have a great patterned top on to hide them... 99% of others can't even tell that I ever had them done. In fact, I will never forget the comment that was made when I returned to the gym that I was working out at after surgery... "well the least you could have done was get your money's worth"

Like I said "I didn't get implants to flaunt them or show them off" and I never wanted to look like I had them, I only wanted to fill the deflated pancakes that I was left with ;)

Most of the time I wear only bralettes or sports bras, and yes, I take the cups out of them as I feel that it looks ridiculous having those stupid triangles showing through everything, not to mention they move, fold up, and serve very little purpose other than covering our nipples, so this brings me to wonder why, if I can take the protectors out of the sports bras and bralettes, I can't take the leap and just be free???

Then there are women like Jennifer Aniston that OWN IT! When I saw her on the SAG awards this year in that white dress, no bra, and walking across that stage to accept her award in front of all of her peers, her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and millions of viewers watching, I thought "holy shit, you just gave millions of women the confidence that they needed to do it too". I totally understand that there already are thousands of women that choose not to wear a bra but there are so many more that wish they could too.

Jennifer Aniston also did that knowing full well that she was going to be a meme, knowing that no matter how amazing she looked, millions of jealous and ignorant others were going to criticize her, and have some issue with something so minuscule like going without a bra for, literally, the world to see.

I felt like I did when J-Lo and Beyonce put big butts on the map, at least that's who did it for me... I'm sure there were many more women before them that showed us that curvy butts were beautiful, but that's who I had to thank for feeling secure about the size of my booty.

... but when Jennifer Aniston showed up owning it as she did I cheered out loud! I've seen it before and she's been photographed plenty without a bra and I don't care that she has perfect breasts, that woman gets crucified for EVERYTHING that she does, so it was a solid move that was made with intent and thought behind it. That wasn't by chance.

I think why not, it's going to take some getting used to and it won't be for everyone, but I think that over time, it will become something of the norm. I mean how often do you hear or see memes or videos about women getting home and barely getting in the door before they're ripping that damn contraption off!

What do you think? Are you "for" or against "letting go" of the bras altogether? Do you find it uncomfortable or inappropriate, and if so, for you or for others? Do you factor in the age of who goes braless and who should still be needing the support? What about the workplace?

I understand that there are so many things to factor in, but what a great topic to be having and creating a conversation about, this happens to be one that continually comes up in women's conversations at the gym, over coffee, when we're playing sports, going out for the night, you name it, it comes up, so why not talk about it?

In closing, I love the idea of setting the tatas free and embracing what our mommas gave us, and now, more than ever, I'm sure that most of us women haven't worn a bra in weeks, so when things get back to normal, this may just feel second nature!

Until next time 🥂

~ Joelle

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Joelle, perhaps you were born to late. Women of the sixties never gave it to much thought, it was the way it was. Braless and mini skirts, the era of free love.

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