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How are you doing so far?!

2nd week into the New Year & some would say that resolutions don't work...

We're into the third week of the new year and whether you've been following me or not, you may find that you are noticing something about the trend for 2019...hustle hard but keep it simple!

I started re-evaluating everything back in the last couple of months of 2018, when I was feeling extremely overwhelmed about everything that I had on my plate.  I continued to sign up for more training, following numerous business mentors in all sorts of social media platforms.  I was working early mornings online, then jumping over to my day job, working every break and lunch hour just to get more in and then right after work.  I'd get home, grab another coffee and work in my office to all hours of the night, I was exhausted and getting nowhere... Oh ya, and still finding time for my husband, soccer, working out at the gym, and 6 grandchildren.  I was not happy in the direction that I was going and I felt that I was literally standing still.

Now I know that's not true and I have made incredible progress over the last two years working online and in my personal business but I was again, looking at which direction I wanted to take.

So that led me to put a stop to almost everything in December while I was on vacation with my family in Mexico.  I was feeling guilty for not working "as much" while I was gone, not checking in enough with some of my co-workers and wasn't really paying attention to my platforms.  You'll notice a trend with me too...I love to do it all, going 150 miles an hour for as long as I can, and then crash!  Burning out is something that I am used to and almost getting comfortable with and that's not a good thing.

So, to add to our plate, my husband and I received an opportunity to buy a revenue property...why the hell not!? LOL  I love a project and being creative is my passion.  Whether it be writing, video editing, sharing stories across multiple platforms in a unique way (almost impossible in this day and age, but I try), personal organizing, or renovating, building and re-creating something...I AM IN MY ELEMENT!

So, how do I keep it simple...well to be honest with you, I'm not.  I feel that everything that I am doing right now is married to one another in one way, shape or form...or at least dating, but I'm not keeping it simple.  Do any of you feel this way?  Do you feel like, what if, "that" is the opportunity or direction that you should be going in, or financially, "this" makes more sense?  FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing and more present now more than ever before due to the exposure of watching what everyone's doing at any given time or day.

You see so-and-so travelling, running multiple business's, spending time with family and friends, hitting the spa and still having time to cook dinner every night for their family all while posting on social media to share with the world...well, I'm here to tell you that some of that is not how it seems, and I'm learning that the hard way by having to make a decision as to what's got to give and what I can do without.

I need to do more for and with my family, my full-time day job has been so good to me and that as well is something that I never take for granted or sacrifice.  My personal organizing gives me the biggest reward and my online spaces allow me to share and how am I going to do it?

First of all, I'm going to start small and give myself a better schedule, learn to turn off and disconnect consistently.  I'm going to set a date with my family, but not feel guilty if plans have to change.  Let's shoot for every two weeks getting together, all 14 of us.  We were scheduling it for every single Monday and I think that was expecting too much from everyone considering our crazy schedules.  As far as the others, they'll get times set aside to work on each project and post, and I'm going to have to be really disciplined with that and stick to it.  I can so easily get distracted and before I know it, we've bought a revenue property!  :)

Sports and the gym will always be a part of my routine but I'm fortunate enough that I play soccer with my daughters and husband on a co-ed team and I get to see my girlfriends every week in our master women's team!  As for our other group of friends...that has to change and be more often than not.  I looked at FB last week and my girlfriends

daughter just turned 1...where the hell did the time go and and how did I miss that?

To wrap this up, I'm simply sharing this with you to bring to your attention what might be going on in your life too.  Slow down, make a phone call, and try not to get so caught up in yourself that you are still enjoying the process and the journey along the way to get to your goals or end game.

I'm not saying for one second that I'm going to stop setting huge goals or taking on big projects, as that's "me", that's what makes me happy and excites me, but there needs to be a balance and I need to be more realistic as to what I'm capable of at any given time.

If you're in a place that you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or unsure, take a step back and write out your goals for the short term and long term.  Find what's your number one and start there and if you aren't already spreading yourself too thin, well good for you!  I'm proud of you and you're doing it right!! 

As always, thank you for reading, your feedback and following and I look forward to connecting with you further in the future.  I ask is that if you gained any value or inspiration from this that you leave a comment below and subscribe if you'd like to see more...please reach out any time as I'd love to hear from you.

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