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Happy New Year!!

First of all I want to let you know how grateful I am for the simple fact that you're actually here reading my blog! 

Secondly, that I have the capability to have this platform to be able to share my stories with you, connect with you, and help any and all of my readers & followers with everything and anything of value that I learn along the way regarding business, organizing, motivation, the growing pains of starting something new or different, stepping out of your comfort zones, learning to love yourself, how to accept yourself for who you are and most importantly, how to live your best life!!

2018 was probably my best year yet and I'll tell you why...I LEARNED TO LOVE MYSELF and I also learned and understood WHAT I REALLY WANTED!...I changed my mind A LOT over the years!

Do you know how hard that is?  To fully love yourself or to know what you truly want to be when you grown up?  Well it was extremely hard for me.

The insecurities I've had over the years stemming from bullying, self-doubt, caring what others thought of me, (even though I taught my kids to do the exact opposite), not feeling like I had value to share, not feeling like anyone would want to listen or read what I had to say, not feeling smart enough...I could go on and on but I'm not into pity parties or dwelling on the past, just learning from it!

I chose to keep pushing through, to keep fighting and to keep learning HOW to do what I dreamed about doing and what I was passionate about doing.  I didn't have time, I didn't have a fancy education, or a lot of money, and I didn't know how I was going to do it, but what I did know is that I knew that I wanted to do IT!

I'm going to take you back a bit...

By the time I was 24 I had three babies under the age of three, twins and another a year apart, and I was married and divorced to their father all in a 5 year span.  After that divorce, I got into a toxic relationship and IT, that I was talking about before, started out as going to University taking some Arts and Science classes and working towards Marketing, then Kinesiology, all while I had three small kids at home.  

I definitely wasn't thinking that one through considering I was a high school dropout, had only a G.E.D and a certificate as an AOA.  I struggled in most classes throughout my life and needless to say, I didn't finish University but at least before the divorce I had gone to College and received that certificate as an Automated Office Admin, I loved computers and always had an interest for technology.

I quit University after the third try around, had thousands in student loan debt, worked two if not three jobs at a time, and was on welfare and lived in low income housing for many years of my kids upbringing.  Then one day I saw an episode on Oprah and she was talking about this amazing book, The Secret...

You want to talk about a life changer!  At that time I had just had my car repossessed, was working for the government during the day and a waitress at night and on the weekends, was still in that toxic relationship, I was a gambling addict and we were struggling to say the least!!  I picked up the book and borrowed the movie, watched it and read it several times over. 

I decided at that point that I was going to change my circumstances.  I started setting goals, writing out what I wanted in life, with my kids, my relationships, finances and my health.  (I smoked 1/2 to a full pack of cigarettes a day at the time too).  It's surreal to read this out loud, but it's true, I was a mess.

I knew that I needed to make some major changes and they had to start immediately!  I quit smoking, quit gambling, and started training more frequently at the gym.  I called the collection agencies back and started making payment arrangements and over the course of the next couple of years, I owned a home that my parents helped me buy at first, then within a year of purchasing I took it over and in my own name.  I was still in the same toxic relationship but life was really starting to get better overall...

Today, I am happily married to my best friend Brett, have three loving children, 6 amazing grand-children, a fantastic relationship with my ex-husband, have nothing to do with my toxic past, still work for the government and run my own business doing what I love more than you could ever imagine!!

If you've read this far then you deserve what I have to share with you... ;) LOL

Reading, self-development, finding great mentors & learning from others has changed my life, so my gift to you is this...listen to the audios in this link that I'm sharing with you, that most resonate with you, or give you what you need at the time.

My 2019 Goals for this year are to steer clear of resolutions, to set mini goals, to stay on one path, to surround myself with good people, to grow, to continue to learn from others and to share my value with you!

Below you will find a link to 100 free audio books, some that were gifted to me and others that I've accumulated over time...please take advantage of them and enjoy them, for I can only imagine what they will do for you too.❤️

Grab your FREE Audio Books Here!

As always, thank you for your feedback, comments and following, and all that I ask is that if you gained any value or inspiration from this that you leave a comment and subscribe if you'd like to see more...please reach out any time as I'd love to hear from you.

Joelle Mickelson

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