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Getting Back on Track

So you turn around and it seems like just yesterday you had a system in place.  You were meal prepping, laundry was all caught up, you got to the gym 3 times a week for the last month and you were even getting to your appointments not only on time but with a few minutes to spare! :)

Now, you've had takeout for at least one meal a day for the last two weeks, and you're re-booking your appointments.  You find yourself kicking the clothes under the bed or even stuffing them in the closet until you can get to them on the weekend, and your form of exercise is now taking the dog out in the yard for a pee!  So, how do we get back on track? 

“Baby Steps, I love using this phrase! :) Is it so important to understand that this doesn't happen overnight.”

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have to sit down and re-prioritize, don't stand, sit.  What is getting in the way and how have you gotten so far off track?  What happened?  Did you get a new job?  Did you add one more thing to your plate that your gut told you not to take on because you're spreading yourself too thin as it stands already?  Do you have a hard time saying no?  Did you get sick or did someone close to you need your attention?

Start with something simple like getting a day planner or calendar up in your kitchen or office, yes, I know that we all have a digital form of that now but sometimes it helps to physically write it down and are able to see it up on a wall every day rather then scrolling through on a 3"x2" screen.  Go out for a walk after supper, set your laundry day and meal prepping day for Sunday and put on one of your favorite PVR'd shows to watch while folding laundry or prepping your food for the week.  Book appointments in advance and try booking one or two appointments at a time if you have a tendency of overbooking yourself.  Leave a weekend completely OPEN, do not book one thing for the entire weekend, have you ever done that before?  Maybe you need that!  

Take your vitamins and don't skip meals, this allows for you to stay healthy and strong so you don't get run down as easily.  Set time aside for a friend or family and just be in the moment, turn off your electronics, sometimes that allows for some free therapy and puts things back into perspective.  This allows you to breath a little and could possibly help with getting back on track.

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